Coaching & Consulting

Agile & DevOps

Want an automated end-to-end software delivery process that is fast and scalable, at the same time reliable and secure? Our DevOps experts can help you acheive all this thanks to our vast technical expertise and experience. We can consult you to help you improve your existing delivery process as well as we can fully automate all aspects of your organization DevOps process – from tools selection to Branching & Merging Strategies, Build Automation, Pakage Management, Release Management, Automated Environment creation and setup.

Testing Services

Software Testing

Based on our years of experience, our company offers all-encompassing software testing and QA services tailored to a project’s scope, deadline and budget. Odic QA and test teams provide end-to-end testing using modern tools and technologies, evaluate the actual software quality, validate its compliance with your requirements and end-user demands, help to solve urgent QA issues or reach a higher QA maturity level.


On Site Courses

From beginner to expert, from agile teams to C-Level and DevOps, our highly engaging, interactive training courses have been attended by over 10,000 people to really understand:

  • Why agile ways of working have become so essential
  • What different agile methods involve in detail
  • How to realise the full potential of an agile approach
  • Promote a knowledge and skills framework for DevOps, based on a defined set of principles.
  • Develop and evangelize a vendor neutral DevOps qualification program for professionals.

Our comprehensive suite of fully accredited training is delivered by highly experienced Agile practitioners, as both tailored in-house courses and on our public schedule


HR solutions

We are a specialist recruitment and headhunting agency with a global network of contract/freelance and permanent professionals
All our recruitment consultants have been trained by external Change experts in the various disciplines of Organizational Change Management: This means they can fully understand client requirements, and screen candidates to the highest level ensuring we only send candidates that are right for the project